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Who will be judging?

We have one main judge who has a lifetime’s experience judging art work both here and abroad. He can call in assistance at anytime to ensure impartiality and fair play etc.

Is it only for painters?

No. You can use whatever works for you. Photography, collage, sculpture, clay, installation, you choose. Just remember each work will be judged from one photographic image so don’t make it too difficult for yourselves.

What medium can we use?

Given the nature of the competition and the availability of materials you can use whatever you can find. Oils, acrylics, water colour, pastels, crayon, pencil.

Can we see our work on the website?

Yes, we are working towards this but it may not be possible to show all 300 + images each week. So we plan to start by publishing a random selection of around 20 pieces of artwork for each category on the website.