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Why Jan Hawkard loved Art Challenge 2015!

Ahead of this evening’s presentation we were able to pose a few questions to Jan Hawkard – the winnner of the judge’s third prize. This is what she said:

Jan handing her work in

Jan handing her work in


Where did you hear about Art Challenge Wales?


I saw a link on Facebook and thought what a great idea it was. I applied online immediately via the Porthcawl Pavilion website. The entry numbers for myself and my husband Simon were 2 & 3!


Tell me a little about yourself as an artist?


I always painted and drew as a child and went on to take O-Level and A-Level Art. Then life got in the way, a Degree in English followed by working abroad, until I took up my brushes again 10 years ago when my husband and moved to Portishead. I joined a water colour class run by Gill Leigh, a local artist, initially to meet people. Gill, who has become a good friend over the years, also took part in Art Challenge Wales. I started painting in acrylics about 2 years ago.


How did you choose your subject?


I tried to think of a subject which would capture the feeling of the fun of the seaside and represent the spirit of Porthcawl for me. I’m also very fond of flip flops and pedicures!

janet hawkard

Scene from Trecco Bay


Any plans for the prize money?


First of all I have promised to treat my husband Simon to a posh afternoon tea. This is his reward for being my ‘human easel’ as it was blustery down on the beach in Trecco Bay. He gave up valuable gluing time on his found art to hold my canvas while I painted, bless him. Then I am going to stop looking at handbags and spend the rest on something arty like a course in glass bead making or landscape painting.


Will you be taking part next year?


You bet! It was a great day which I enjoyed thoroughly. I persuaded my husband to take part this year and next time I’m going to sign up my Mother, who in her 80’s suddenly announced she was thinking of painting an abstract. It really was an inspirational day and I’m delighted to have been placed. Please do not feel the prize money was kidnapped by someone from the wrong side of the bridge. My parents are from Merthyr Tydfil and as my Grandfather was also Welsh this means technically I can play rugby for Wales….


Thanks for your time Jan and look forward to next year