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1510791_10152987476394813_7968035961703627724_nCalling all artists! Join the challenge to paint, draw, sculpt, weave and create Porthcawl in just one day.
The coast inspired many of the most famous artists – Van Gogh, Turner, Monet and Wales’ Sir Kyffin Williams to name a few. Fast forward to the twenty first century and we see Porthcawl in a very different light: to some the attraction could be a coffee and seaside stroll along the Promenade whilst for some others it’s a surf at Rest Bay or a round of golf.

Your finished art work will take part in the on-line exhibition and you will be in the competition to win an Art Challenge Wales prize. You will also have the opportunity to sell your piece on-line.

Taking part is easy

First of all: Buy an artist’s ticket here. It costs £10 + £2 booking fee.
The ticket covers all the costs of taking part, including:

Entry to the competition on painting day Saturday 6th June 2015

Your painting displayed on the Art Challenge Wales on-line exhibition and sale

Being a contender for the Challenge prize, including the top award of £500

Then: Do some creative preparation
If possible visit Porthcawl before the event. This will help you decide where to paint. See the map here and click on our visit page.

OK, now you’re ready: Big Day Saturday 6th June 2015
You must sign in between 9am and 11am at the Challenge HQ., bringing with you:

A printout of your artist’s ticket

The material you will be using (maximum 2m sq), so we can stamp the Challenge mark on the back of it. Your finished art work must show this mark to be eligible for entry into the Challenge prize and on-line exhibition.

You must check-in your art work by 5pm. There may be a queue so please be prepared to be patient. Your art work will be digitised and uploaded to the on-line exhibition that night. If you wish to sell your work you will need to leave it with us.

Finally: The on-line exhibition and sale Sunday 7th June – Saturday 13th June 2015
The art works will be on-line by 11am on Sunday 7th June.

If you decide to sell your art work you decide the price but the minimum is £40.